MS ReadaThon OCT 7th - Nov 7th 2016 MS ReadaThon OCT 9th - Nov 9th 2015

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MS ReadaThon OCT 9th - Nov 9th 2016

What is MS Readathon?

MS Readathon is the perfect opportunity to encourage young children to read.

It encourages those who already love reading and helps those who seldom read to rediscover the sense of wonder and adventure they once felt when they first heard “Once upon a time..”



CONGRATULATIONS everybody!! The Reading Period is now over. We continue to be blown away by your determination, enthusiasm and spirit, and so would like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to everyone who took part.

Important Dates

January... prize draw winners have been picked out - see if you're on the list here.
February... distribution of rewards to homes and schools