My MS My Needs report

Final report of My MS My Needs survey now available.

In May 2016, MS Ireland conducted the My MS My Needs survey, a major survey of the needs of people with MS. This was the first such survey of its kind and the results of the survey will help us to plan our services and inform our ongoing advocacy work.

We received 825 responses in total to the survey and a considerable amount of work was done in conjunction with a researcher from Trinity College, Dublin, to produce a final detailed report. This report is now available and can be downloaded here

Data from the survey has already been used to inform the development of our Advocacy Strategy 2015-2019 and is being used in several documents currently in development including MS Ireland’s submission to the national consultation on home care and a professional resource for occupational therapists working with people with MS on employment issues. We will continue to make extensive use of the data and recommendations in the report in our service development and advocacy work, and will report back on how we are doing so through all our communication channels. 

MS Ireland would like to sincerely thank every person that took the time to complete the survey – it is through research such as this that we are able to gather the information and evidence we need to make a positive and practical difference to the lives of people affected by MS in Ireland.

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