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Thursday November 28 2013 11:00 AM

Opinions from a Life with MS

'In his introductory blog for MS Ireland, Trevis L Gleason talks about how 12 years of MS and living on the edge of the north Atlantic have changed his point of view'

The question, “What is an American with multiple sclerosis doing living in the wilds of West Kerry?” or some such, is often asked of me. My answer is quite simple, “Yes, Living!”

Living with an incurable, degenerative, often debilitating disease (and those are some of the tidier descriptors) changes the way a person thinks about the world. It shuffles one’s priorities. It has altered the way I look at life. Likewise, living in a place like this – a place where the phrase, “Next parish, Boston” isn’t an offhanded remark; it’s the truth – is transforming my views.

Together, these factors are continually grinding and polishing the lens through which I view the goings on in the world. What I intend “The View From Here; Opinions from a Life With MS” to be is a public offering of a peek through my “lens”.

We’ll not always agree; I’m pretty sure of that. I’ve learnt from my conversations down the pub, however, that it’s easier to disagree yet not be disagreeable here than it is in my native America. Thought we have the same disease, everyone’s MS is different, everyone’s experience is different, and everyone’s view will be different. Different doesn’t mean “wrong”.

When I first agreed to write the “Life With MS Blog” for Everyday Health nearly eight years ago, I had no idea what a blog even was. I won’t say that I’ve gotten good at it, I won’t even say that I’ve gotten used to it. I will say that I have discovered an amazing sense of community though the pages of the blogs I’ve written.

Some of you may know my work, some of you may know my writings from “The Unspeakable Bits; From a Life With MS” that I write, monthly, for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (USA) or from the monthly installment of “A Yank’s Life With MS” for the MS Society (UK). I hope this blog for MS Ireland to complement those other platforms and engage an even broader conversation about living with multiple sclerosis.

I don’t intend to “report” on the goings on in the MS world, rather I intend to comment upon them. I hope that you’ll join in the conversation as well. There may be a delay in your comments posting, but we’ll make sure they get up there. Please feel free to comment, to expound and even to disagree with my point of view. I even encourage an open dialogue within our community and hope that conversations between readers will take place in our pages.

I hope that you will soon begin to see my blog as our blog.

Wishing you and your family the best of health.

You can also follow me via my Life With MS Facebook page, on Twitter and don’t forget to check out TrevisLGleason.com

Author: Trevis Gleason

Tags: trevisgleason, livingwithms, living, msandme, blog, community


Stephanie P

Thursday November 28 2013 18:07

I read often your blog posts on Facebook and comment also. Thank you for keeping the conversation going for this life long disease!
-Dx 7yrs ago at age 23 now living in WA, USA


Thursday November 28 2013 18:45

"It’s easier to disagree yet not be disagreeable here". I like it! True dat Trevis. Thanks Joan

Luke Parish

Friday November 29 2013 15:46

What's that about me and Boston?


Friday November 29 2013 16:09

Diagnosed 2008 - and I also leave in Kerry.

Never joined blog before so have no idea what to expect - so surprise me


Friday November 29 2013 17:03

I read Trevis's "Life with MS" blog everyday. It helps to keep me connected with others who know and understand the challenges of living with MS. I can't stress enough how valuable these connections are to me...to have a voice that matters and to have others who respond with both compassion and understanding.


Friday November 29 2013 17:59

Cool. I didn't know anything about your FB page but I'll now check it out.

I like your taste in doggy friends! Although I love all dogs, the soft-coated wheaten terrier is my favourite breed. Smart but stubborn, loyal and always playful, wheaten terriers never really grow up. Fantastic companions.


Saturday November 30 2013 11:39

I began reading Life with MS on Everyday Health when I was diagnosed with CIS (now RRMS) a few years ago. I remember being so surprised when I discovered you'd moved to Ireland (Fellow American. Careful about calling me a Yank - I'm Southern!). Well, that's two pretty significant commonalities that added to my appreciation of your perspectives.

Thank you for getting on board here too. I appreciate localised content when it comes to services, challenges, perspectives, and MS news, so the genesis of this blog is great news. Your addition is a particularly exciting!


Friday December 06 2013 13:36

Looking forward to reading more on this and other blogs.

Glen & Shirley

Thursday December 12 2013 01:49

Hi Trevis! Good to see you "over here" on MS Ireland! It is so wonderful to see all the MS communities springing up! Trevis' blog has helped us so much in dealing with so many disturbing and upsetting symptoms that were not addressed at the neuro's. We owe our MS community much! Glen & Shirley

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