Resources for Carers

Providing support or care to another person can be challenging, especially when it comes to an unpredictable condition like MS. The support of carers can be invaluable but it can take a toll on the carers themselves. Below are a number of resources which may be beneficial to carers when it comes to their self-care routines and practices. 

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Sometimes carers need to take care of their own health or simply take a break. Respite services can support by ensuring the person being cared for receives the support they need while a carer, for whatever reason cannot. MS Ireland’s Care Centre provides respite care to those living with MS and other neurological conditions. Information on this service can be found here.

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Taking care of yourself

While providing support for someone with MS can be rewarding, it can also be overwhelming. It is important that carers take care of their own needs. Click here to find out more about taking care of yourself as a carer.


Information on payments for carers

There are a number of supports available from the Department of Social Protection which carers may be entitled to including Carer's Allowance; Carer's Benefit and an annual Carer's Support Grant. Click here to find out more about these supports.