Community Worker Service

MS Ireland Community Workers

Welcome to the Community Worker Service

The Community Worker Service has two functions:

  1. Casework (Support Service)  
  2. Community Development

1. Casework (Support Service)

The Community worker responds to contact made by Person with MS (PwMS) and their families. At the time of diagnosis and at different points during a person’s MS journey, the Community Worker provides information and support. Community Workers provide support on issues relating, but not limited, to emotional & psychological support, social welfare, medical cards applications, employment, education, housing, symptom management and relationships. Community Workers signpost and refer PwMS and their families to other healthcare professionals, service providers and local voluntary branches. 

2. Community Development

The Community Worker ensures that programmes, identified by MS Ireland, are provided where resources are available e.g. Exercise and Physio classes, Self-Management programmes, Newly Diagnosed Days, Information Days etc. 



This area covers - Cork and Kerry


This area covers - Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary South, Waterford and Wexford


This area covers - Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath


This area covers - Clare, Limerick and Tipperary North


The area covers - Cavan, Louth, Meath and Monaghan


This area covers - Donegal and Leitrim


This area covers - Galway, Mayo and Roscommon

Dublin North and Fingal

This area covers - Dublin North and Fingal

South Dublin and East Wicklow Region

This area covers - Dublin South and East Wicklow


This area covers - South West Dublin, Kildare and West Wicklow Region


We provide a range of services throughout Ireland in our 10 regional areas. You can browse upcoming classes that are happening in your area by viewing our online calendar. Some classes may require you to register and could be subject to availability due to limited spaces. If you would like to take part in a class from outside your area, please contact the region.

Dave Malone

Dave's Story

Read about how Dave Malone uses our facilities in the Mid West Region and the impact of MS Ireland's services has had on him and his family.

In the morning, we start the day,
Never knowing what will coming our way,
As community workers, we stand strong and true,
Ready to support, whatever comes through.

Emotional phone calls, a listening ear,
For those facing MS, we're always near.
Whether newly diagnosed or having a tough day,
We offer comfort, listening without sway.

We visit, living rooms or cafes bustling with life,
We bridge the distance, amid joy or strife.
For it's in these moments, face to face,
That connections are forged, leaving a lasting trace.

In our role, we don't just stand alone,
We connect the dots, making bridges available known.
Through referrals, we direct with precision and care,
To therapists, physios, OTs, wherever help's there.

We advocate fiercely, for each MS voice,
In a world where choices can seem few by choice.
We help access rights, making wishes known,
In this seemingly unfair system, our support is shown.

Organising physio, yoga, coffee mornings and more,
We create community to help hearts soar.
Classes, sessions, socials, to help and mend,
Through community it’s loneliness we try transcend.

Working with Branches, volunteers, a treasure untold,
Their dedication and spirit, worth more than gold.
From financial assistance to lending a hand,
In their generosity, our mission expands.

Applying for funding, a crucial part indeed,
To keep our services running, fulfilling every need.
From grants to lotteries, we seek out the source,
To ensure our programs continue their course.

MS management education, we share the keys,
How to navigate challenges, one of our biggest duties
From fatigue to mobility, cognition to pain,
Empowering knowledge is the best gain. 

For knowledge is power, in the MS journey faced,
In helping those understanding their bodies and finding their place.
From acceptance to nutrition and more,
Arming our community with tools to explore.

Sometimes we feel we can't do enough,
In the face of our people’s challenges, the road is rough.
Despite our efforts, problems unsolved do arise,
As we strive to make a difference in people’s lives. 

A jack of all trades, they say, is our name,
In myriad roles, we find our acclaim.
For though we master none, in the traditional way,
In versatility lies our strength, come what may.

From support and advocacy, to organising events,
We wear many hats, with unwavering intents.
Referrals, education, emotional support we provide,
In each task undertaken, our passion is our guide.

So here's to being jacks of all trades, we declare,
In covering all bases, we show we care.
For in the diversity of each day's unique hue,
We find purpose and meaning, in all that we do.