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Thursday November 14 2013 12:00 PM

Welcome to the MS and Me Blog!

Starting today, (14th November, 2013) the MS and Me Blog is a space for people living and affected by MS to talk about their lives, to share their experiences and to get down some of answers for the super interesting questions life with MS can ask! 

Every Thursday we will have a new blog from one of the Blog Team. It could be about fatigue, employment, relationships, bladder control, accessibility, what to eat, how to exercise, family life, medication and all a sundry. We will be introducing the individual writers on the Blog Team in the coming weeks. These are seven people with MS who answered our call earlier in the year for writers. They will write from different locations in Ireland and about life from their perspective.  

The goal of MS Ireland is to support people living with multiple sclerosis to live the life of their choice to the fullest of their capabilities. Talking and sharing stories and experiences is a big part of Irish culture: spinning yarns, telling tales and recalling experiences are part of what we are renowned for. We create images and pictures in other people’s minds, generate emotional connections and instil understanding through our words. This is our way to share and understands life from another’s perspective. MS and Me Blog isn’t only about the yarns and high jinx although there will be plenty! It is about reality. Being diagnosed with MS can be a difficult reality for many of us as bladder control, optic neuritis, jobs, sex and relationships become subjects to talk about and consider. We can loose our selves, our understanding and our ability to even see ‘real life’. The MS and Me Blog is a way of rediscovering ourselves, understanding and communicating with others.  

Please join the conversation and add your thoughts and comments. You can post a comment on any blog at any time – just give us time to publish. For now, join us on Facebook and Twitter to get immediate notifications of a new blog; in the comments section get talking about your issues & topics you would like to read about and share or email this page so others you know can join the conversation.

Read. Comment. Enjoy. 

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Friday November 29 2013 14:30

Is there a forum for relatives of MS sufferers please? My sister is in quite an advanced stage of MS & I seldom get to see her due to her being either in bed because of exhaustion or being caught up with carers. She's also extremely secretive about her care plan. She doesn't seem to place any value on having family calling to keep her company. Can anybody out there advise me please??


Friday November 29 2013 17:05

I think the best way to communicate with your sister is by text, & she'll let you know when to ring, or she might like to ring, maybe, when she's in bed. The important thing is at her convenience.


Friday November 29 2013 22:06

Have just started work experience for Social Studies Course, in Wicklow. Must say, my MS has taken back seat because of all the study and deadlines! have suffered from Optic Neuritis in left eye since 2010, will this eve ever improve? I worry that stress of college and work experience will make it deteriorate, and it will effect my decision to go for second year next year. What do you think?


Saturday November 30 2013 12:17

Hi Virginia
We are quite similar, I was diagnosed in 2010 with MS after a flare up of optic neuritis. I wandered if my eye would ever feel fine again, I am currently taking a break from my medication (copaxone) and I feel great! My eye feels so much better, this is just a personal opinion but I now think if my eye is bothering me I need more rest and need to look after myself more. I am a social care worker and often wandered if the stress of my job would make my condition worse but you just really need to mind yourself and listen to your body. Sometimes it's nice to have something else to focus your attention in other than you MS. Enjoy your studies and mind yourself :)


Saturday November 30 2013 12:39

I have to advise you to steer clear of stress. Easier said than done esp. if you're just starting out in life with college etc. Social Studies is a tough course & so is the work placement. I know someone who's doing it.
Anyway, I hope you'll get more advice, & good luck


Monday December 02 2013 15:14

Thanks for the feedback, it is a difficult choice as I am enjoying the course and friends, even though it is tough. It is interesting about the Copaxone, I am on it since April 2013. Having a review in February, will have a chat about it in Vincent's. Problem is that I am 52 doing this course and work exp, not that it makes it any more special .. I just feel independent and like it. Take care.

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