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Multiple Sclerosis may affect how people feel emotionally and how well they carry out their normal activities. It can also have a direct effect on an individual's thinking, memory and problem-solving abilities.

Clinical psychologists offer specialised assessment and treatment for such ‘thinking problems’. The work of a clinical psychologist involves the assessment and treatment of a person's cognitive, behavioural, and emotional needs.

Clinical psychologists are trained to understand the way people behave, feel, and think. Their training enables them to apply psychological theories and strategies to emotional difficulties, thus enabling people to cope with the problems they experience.

A person with MS can get in touch with a clinical psychologist through his/her GP/family doctor, who will refer them to their local Health Board psychology department.

Alternatively, a person with MS can make a self-referral to psychologists who work privately. A list of such psychologists may be obtained from the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Once again, this service is not readily available in most Health Board areas and the shortfall is highlighted in the Standards of Care Publication.

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