MS Wellness


MS Wellness

It is important to look after yourself. We have developed this information on MS and wellness to provide people living with multiple sclerosis, their families and carers access to information, tips and tricks to support wellbeing. 

MS Wellness content is developed by Novartis on behalf of MS Ireland.



Making time to relax can bring health benefits for everyone, including those with MS. Relaxation is an active skill that requires practice. 


Mental Health

Anxiety disorders are three times more common in MS than in the general population. It is linked to decreased social interaction, increased alcohol use, increased levels of pain and may even impact cognitive skills.(1)

MS Lifehacks


Tired of dust and bugs? 

Use a lint roller for low-effort cleaning
ms hack 02

Find depth perception hard?

Cover furniture corners with bubble wrap to protect from sharp bumps.

Struggle scrubbing stains from clothes?

Spritz hairspray, leave for 10 minutes and wipe

Trouble untangling jewellery?

Sprinkle with baby powder and pull apart with a pin

Need things to be easily accessible?

Use shoeboxes as drawer dividers

Motor skills make chopping difficult?

Switch from a knife to scissors when chopping herbs

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