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Our publications section contains a list of booklets, information sheets, briefing documents/position papers and corporate publications that are available from MS Ireland. 

MS Booklets 

 Making Ireland the Best place to do Multiple Sclerosis Research

Title: Making Ireland the Best Place to do Multiple Sclerosis Research

Description: The aim of this report is to help create a multiple sclerosis (MS) research landscape that would put Ireland at the forefront of MS research, innovation and therapeutic application.

Download: Making Ireland the Best Place to do Multiple Sclerosis Research

 Disease Modifying Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis: A Review of the Perspectives of Irish People with MS

Title: Disease Modifying Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis: A Review of the Perspectives of Irish People with MS 

Description: New report on the findings of Disease Modifying Therapies (DMT's)

Download: Disease Modifying Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis: A Review of the Perspectives of Irish People with MS

 My MS My Needs

Title: 'My MS My Needs'

Description: A comprehensive survey of the needs of people with MS in Ireland.

Download: My MS My Needs

 MS & Quality of Life Report

Title: 'MS & Quality of Life'

Description: Research on the quality of Life for people living with MS in Ireland

Download: MS & Quality of Life

MS Life Hacks

Title: 'MS Life Hacks'

Description: Tips for living well with Multiple Sclerosis

Download: MS Life Hacks


Title: 'Time to Act'

Description: Time to Act is a consensus statement on early diagnosis and treatment in MS. 

Download: Time to Act


Title: 'MS Treatment Decisions'

Description: is for people with MS or suspected MS. It aims to empower and equip people with MS or suspected MS. 

Download: MS Treatment Decisions

Employment Resources

Title: 'Employment Resources'

Description: A set of practical employment resources to support people with MS and their employers.

Societal Cost of MS in Ireland 2015

Title: 'Societal Cost of Multiple Sclerosis ' in Ireland 2015 

Description: A report on direct costs, indirect costs, intangible costs and costs associated with relapse. The report, based on an original piece of research carried out by MS Ireland and supported by Novartis

Download: Report (.pdf, 1MB)

 Access to Medicines Campaign Handbook

Title: 'Access to Medicines' Campaign Handbook

Description: This handbook is designed to help you to understand what your treatment options and rights are as well as to give practical advice on how to engage with the health system to ensure that you have access to the medicines that are right for you.

Download: Campaign Handbook (.pdf, 6MB)

MS Explained 

Title: MS Explained - a straight forward guide to multiple sclerosis

Description: This booklet is aimed at those newly diagnosed, explaining what MS is, how you may experience it, treatments, interventions, aspects of living with MS & sources of support available.

Download: MS Explained (.pdf, 1MB)


Fatigue Mood Depression and Emotions Memory and Thinking


What everyone should know about incontinence

Title: Everyone Stretch
Description: This booklet helps individuals design an exercise routine under the supervision of a  health care professional regardless of their level of disability
Everyone Stretch Booklet (.pdf, 451KB)

Title: Fitness and MS
Description: Fitness to fit every lifestyle
Fitness and MS Booklet (.pdf, 495KB)

Title: How to Talk about MS with Your Children
Description: Guide for Parents
Unavailable for download. Call 1850 233 233

Title: Don't Lose Your Balance
Description: Teenagers talk about living with a parent with MS
Download: Unavailable for download. Call 1850 233 233

Title: Myelin is Getting on My Nerves
Myelin's activity book has been designed for children
who have a parent with multiple sclerosis and want to understand and share what they are experiencing.
Myelin is Getting on My Nerves Booklet (.pdf, 1584KB)

Briefing Documents and Position Papers  

Information Sheets

Our information sheets look at a selection of therapies being tested at present. View our information sheets

Corporate Publications

Our reports provide you with details of the Society’s activities throughout the preceding year. View our publications 

Our booklets are not a substitute for an informed discussion between a patient and his or her doctor of the procedures or medications described in our booklets.

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