MS Nurse

MS nurses are qualified nurses with specialist training in MS. They are a great source of information and advice. They may also act as a link between hospital, community services and social services.

If you have not already been offered an appointment with an MS nurse, you can ask your GP or neurologist for a referral. Occasionally, MS nurses take self-referrals, which means you can ring them directly and ask for an appointment.

Ideally, you should be referred to an MS nurse as soon as you are diagnosed. They often become the first point of contact for any concerns about your MS (though a GP should be the person to contact about general health queries).

Some of the issues you might contact your MS Nurse about are if you:

  • have a question about your MS or treatment options
  • have a question about medication management
  • are concerned about any symptoms you are experiencing
  • think you may be having a relapse
  • are finding it difficult to cope with any aspects of your MS
  • want any information about MS
  • are admitted to hospital or have a planned admission to hospital

Not every hospital in Ireland has an MS nurse. If there isn’t one in your area, it is worth asking if you can be referred to a specialist neurological nurse or someone else with an understanding of MS who can act as a central point of contact.

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