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The MS Care Centre is the only dedicated respite centre for people with Multiple Sclerosis in Ireland and is a place for residents to learn more about their MS and find ways to self-manage their condition.

It offers short-term respite care to people with MS and other neurological conditions, therapeutic services, neurological assessments and many social activities in a homely environment in the suburbs of Dublin. Our ‘home away from home’ is a place of rest and relaxation for people from all over Ireland.

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Our MS Care Centre aims to:

  • Provide the support needed to help individuals remain at home, sustain caring relationships, continue to work, prevent crises, and live the life of their choice to their fullest potential.
  • Help clients/carers to safeguard their health, avoiding physical or emotional exhaustion and enabling them to continue caring and living a life of their choice.
  • Provide regular and flexible breaks as an early intervention which helps in preventing crises.

MS Care Centre Facilities

MS Care Centre comprises of 12 ensuite accessible bedrooms. There are 2 sitting rooms, a quiet room, dining room, coffee dock, physiotherapy suite, library/art room, boardroom, reception area and offices, 3 public wheelchair accessible toilets. The expertise and knowledge of our MS Care Centre staff can meet the needs of residents in the low to high care dependency level category.

The MS Care Centre can accommodate a maximum of 6 high care dependency residents at any one time with hoist assisted beds. It is our experience that people with high levels of complex needs find it impossible to source age and need appropriate respite. We can respond to this need, in part, with our highly skilled and trained staff within the MS Care Centre.

A room with physiotherapy equipment

The MS Care Centre provides short term respite care on a planned basis. Each week a maximum of 12 residents can enjoy a number of social and therapeutic activities such as yoga, massage, day trips, physiotherapy, and a personalised neurological nursing assessment.

Annually we have approximately 450-500 admissions that avail of our respite service, and and we aim to offer them the opportunity to avail of a respite breaks. These can vary from 5, 7 or 12 nights depending on individual circumstances and requests. 


Referrals or enquiries for admission may come from acute hospitals, discharge coordinators, community-based professionals or directly from a person with MS. English is the language spoken at the MS Care Centre and we can facilitate residents who do not speak English by providing the support of an interpretative service.

All admissions to MS Care Centre as far as possible are planned. Pre-assessment will be completed to ensure that all necessary equipment, knowledge and competency are available to meet the resident’s needs. 

Christina McDonald pens a letter about her stay at the MS Care Centre

Christina's Experience at the MS Care Centre

A heartfelt letter penned by Christina McDonald about her recent stay at the Younger Person's Week at the MS Care Centre in Bushy Park, Rathgar, Co. Dublin

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All of the staff team at MS Care Centre are committed to:


  • Developing and improving the quality of life of residents.
  • Preserving the autonomy of residents and promoting free expression of opinion and freedom of choice.
  • Maintaining a safe physical and emotional environment.
  • Ensuring the privacy, respect and the dignity of residents.
  • Supporting and respecting the rights of all persons employed in the service and providing continuing ongoing professional development.
  • Providing formal training to staff to equip them with the skills and competencies necessary to meet the needs of residents.
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Karen Merrick

Karen's Story

Karen Merrick is a service user living with MS from Meath. Karen avails of our services in the North East and our Care Centre. 

"I use the Care Centre in Bushy Park too. It’s a great place to go and meet different people.

I just love the Care Centre, you have your own room, it’s individualised, and it’s all very private."