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We also have a series of webinars and videos from leading speakers in the fields of Multiple Sclerosis, Neurology, Physiotherapy and exercise along with many others. You can browse the full video catalogue below.

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COVID-19 and MS videos

COVID-19 and MS:

COVID-19 and MS: What we have learned so far with Prof Gavin Giovannoni

 Sept | 2020

Coping with COVID-19 related anxiety in MS

Coping with COVID-19 related anxiety in MS with Dr Rebecca Maguire

 July | 2020

COVID-19 Immunity, vaccines and risks

COVID-19 Immunity, vaccines and risks for people living with MS with Prof Kingston Mills

 Aug | 2020

Newly Diagnosed Programme 

Progressive MS


How Carer’s can maintain their Mental Health | April 2021

How carers can support

Dr Jonathan Egan about how carers can support people living with MS. 

Aug | 21

Secondary Progressive MS Video Series


Small Signs of SPMS | Nov 20

Prof Barry O'Reilly bladder and bowel dysfunction

Bladder and bowel dysfunction | Nov 20

Symptom management

What We Need to Know About MS and Cognition 

What We Need to Know About MS and Cognition with Dr Niall Pender 

March | 2020

Top Tips for Brain Health

Top Tips for Brain Health with Dr Niall Pender

March | 2020

Living Well with Urinary and Bowel symptoms

Marie Hayes and Sinead Jordan

Jan | 2021

Fatigue Management and MS

Fatigue Management with Dr Michelle Murphy

April | 2021

Life with MS


Relationships with Orlaith McManus Chartered Psychologist and Mindfulness teacher.

Feb | 2021

Women and MS

Dr Maria Gaughan to explore topics such as fertility, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause.

Mar | 2021

Mortgages, Life Assurance & Pensions

Financial advisor David Keating and Mobile Mortgage Manager Shane Cullen explore the topics of mortgages, life assurance and pensions for people living with MS.

Mar | 2021

Self Care

Psychotherapist, Eileen Hopkins discusses the tools and techniques carers can use to establish or enhance their self-care routine.

|Jun 21

Current and Emerging Trends

Dr Brian Sweeney discusses the current and emerging trends in relations to Multiple Sclerosis.


Jun | 21