Affiliates and Stakeholders

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland works with a number of organisations to further the aims and objectives of the Society.

We are members of the following organisations:

Care Alliance Ireland

- National Network of Voluntary Organisations supporting Family Carers.

Disability Federation of Ireland (D.F.I.) 

- National organisation for voluntary non-statutory agencies who provide support services to people with disabilities and disabling conditions.

European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (E.M.S.P.)  

- European Non-Governmental Organisation established by the National Multiple Sclerosis Societies of European countries for co-ordinating and promoting international activities at European levels.

Irish Charities Tax Reform Group (I.C.T.R.G.) 

- is a leadership organization working on behalf of charities to enhance the conditions for a vibrant and independent charity sector in Ireland. ICTRG promotes the implementation of policies to optimize the financial value of donations (by charity friendly tax reform) and underpin public and donor confidence in charities. 

Irish Platform for Patients' Organisations Science & Industry (I.P.P.O.S.I.)

- A unique partnership of Patients' Organisations, Science and Industry on the island of Ireland. IPPOSI provides a structured way of facilitating interaction between these three key membership groups and where possible with State Agencies on policy, legislation and regulation around the development of new medicines, products, devices and diagnostics for unmet medical needs in Ireland.  

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (M.S.I.F.)

- Established in 1967 as an international body linking the activities of National MS Societies around the world.

Neurological Alliance of Ireland (N.A.I.)

- An alliance/umbrella group of voluntary organisations, professionals and other interested parties - together representing the views and concerns of those whose lives are affected by neurological conditions.