AIMS Research Network

All Ireland Multiple Sclerosis Research Network (AIMS-RN)

MS Ireland are proud to support the AIMS-RN. This will be the largest collaboration of MS researchers across the island of Ireland, providing a unique opportunity for scientists, clinicians and people living with MS in Ireland to accelerate MS research.

The goals of the All-Ireland MS Research Network are to:

  • Deliver cutting-edge research in multiple sclerosis  that focuses on limiting disease progression
  • Train the next generations of leaders in multiple sclerosis research
  • Communicate multiple sclerosis research activities and discoveries to the public, research community and key stakeholders
  • Collaborate on multiple sclerosis research programmes nationally and internationally to achieve the mission of the network

The network was established by researchers from across Ireland. These researchers are:

  • Prof Denise Fitzgerald
  • Dr Yvonne Dombrowski
  • Dr Alerie Guzman de la Fuente
  • Dr Claire McCoy
  • Dr Una Fitzgerald
  • Dr Jill Mahon

The AIMS-RN will focus on supporting research that targets disease progression in MS.

Further information

This network can be found here

Twitter: aims_rn