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Offering care and support to someone with multiple sclerosis (MS) can, at times,  be difficult because the condition is unpredictable, and thus, care giving needs are continually shifting. Each person with MS has a different set of symptoms and condition course.

The most common type of MS is a condition that relapses and remits, meaning there are often times of high functioning and capability, and other times where the person will need significant support and assistance.

The needs of those with MS vary greatly and can change drastically over time, but often not in a progressive pattern. This can make caregiving very complicated, as it is difficult to know when the person with MS will need care and how much. There can often come a time when it becomes extremely difficult for the family to carry all of the responsibility for providing the necessary care.

There are many advocacy and support groups, both online and across the world, that may be critical to you as a caregiver, to know how to deal with the ups and downs and the unpredictable nature of the disease.

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