Dr Sinéad Hynes

Dr Sinéad Hynes is a lecturer in occupational therapy at the University of Galway and a registered occupational therapist in Ireland. Her research focuses on improving the daily function and quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis. She is principal investigator in the area of cognitive rehabilitation, focusing on improving occupational functioning for people with MS experiencing cognitive difficulties. She is also working on helping people with MS remain in the workplace for as long as they choose. Her research has a strong focus on public and patient involvement. She collaborates with MS researchers around the world working to improve the lives of people with MS.

More Information

Website: www.sineadhynes.ie

University of Galway: https://www.universityofgalway.ie/our-research/people/health-sciences/sineadhynes/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sineadnieidhin