Dr Una FitzGerald

The overarching research theme is the investigation of the pathological processes occurring during multiple sclerosis (MS). We have completed many post-mortem MS tissue, pre-clinical and ex vivo studies, investigating endoplasmic reticulum stress signalling and modelling various aspects of disease pathology.   Our current major focus is the progressive phase of MS. This is a stage where, 10-15 years after diagnosis, people with MS experience worsening symptoms, leading to reduced mobility, increased fatigue and disruptions in cognitive functions.  We are the lead in an EU-wide Innovative Training Network Consortium that is aiming to develop a new medical device for treating progressive MS (Marie-Curie-Sklodovska PMSMatTrain project 813263).  Collaborators in Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the Czech republic will work with Dr FitGerald, Prof Abhay Pandit and Dr Nathan Quinlan to train 15 PhDs who will become expert researchers in the progressive phase of MS.

Dr FitzGerald is also interested in sustainable laboratory practices and is responsible for the CÚRAM lab at NUIG becoming the first lab in Europe to be certified as ‘green’.

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