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Unspeakable Bits webinar ‘What if I cannot work’ - 18th July

Join us for our next Unspeakable Bits webinar ‘What if I cannot work’ on Thursday, July 18th at 7pm. The webinar will focus on the many difficult aspects of having to leave employment due to multiple sclerosis. From financial and self-worth issues to family and psychosocial ramifications, being forced to leave our work lives is a major upheaval. We work for money, but for so much more... and we'll talk with experts about what that can all mean!

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Writers Workshop Webinar - Making your Writing Findable

Join us for the next MS Writers' Workshop series on Tuesday, 10th September from 7.30pm. 

Join our host and author Trevis Gleason and Everyday Health Editor Ingrid Strauch on a topic crucial to all writers in the 21st century and that is making your writing findable. 

Ingrid Strauch, Executive Editor for will join our host, writer Trevis L. Gleason to talk about online publishing and getting your work seen and read by the audience you're looking for. From search engine optimisation (SEO) to design and beyond. As always, we'll put your questions to the experts.

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