Fatigue Management Programmes


‘FACETS’ (Fatigue: Applying Cognitive behavioural and Energy effectiveness Techniques to life Style) is a group based intervention for the management of MS fatigue. The program incorporates energy effectiveness techniques and ways to maximise energy, as well as cognitive behavioural strategies and helpful ways of thinking about fatigue.

The program was developed in the United Kingdom by researchers from Bournemouth University and clinical staff from Poole Hospital and is shown to have some long-term benefits to addressing MS fatigue. It is delivered in person or online over 6 sessions, lasting for 1 ½ to 2 hours per session.  

Two MS Ireland Community Workers facilitate each programme. Its purpose is to increase awareness of how to manage fatigue. The programme will also explore coping strategies for managing fatigue which we hope will assist in the management of activities of daily living. People taking part in the programme all come with similar experiences.

Register Your Interest

To register your interest in this programme email Mary McCusker at marym@ms-society.ie