Individual and Family Support

Individual and family support, often called casework, is a one-to-one service provided by the Regional Community Worker. They work with the person with MS or/and their family to work through any concerns or challenges. Most people dip in and out of the service as needed, although it is always available to the person or family.

Individual and family support can help people in many areas of living with MS. Common areas of assistance include:

  • Coming to terms with a diagnosed
  • Navigating health and welfare services – national and local
  • Changes in mobility
  • Changes in employment and accessing training and education
  • Financial problems
  • Accessing benefits and entitlements
  • Changes in relationships and family dynamics
  • Home supports, accommodation and respite
  • Access to local services – MSI services or community services offered by the local HSE

Regional Community Workers also work with the family and the challenges they face when a loved one has MS. Our work with family carers, partners, parents, children of a parent with MS and other family members, can help to come to terms with the changing nature of their role.

Regional Community Workers can meet people in their home, at community clinics or talk over the phone. The meeting generally revolves around three things:

  • Introductions – we talk a little about what we do but mostly we want to hear about you
  • Assessment of need – together we identify issues or concerns that we can assist you to address
  • Information, referral or follow up – based on your needs we will create a plan to address needs. This may involve passing on relevant information; referring you to relevant services or resources provided in the community or by MS Ireland, or follow up with more complex needs. Follow up may be involved working with other health professionals or advocating on your behalf.

This and all sessions with the Regional Community Worker are confidential. We use a solution-focused model which aims to work in partnership with the client, putting them at the centre of decisions. You will be an active partner in finding solutions and all our work on your behalf will be based on your consent.

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