Making A Request

How to Make a Request for Information?

You can make a request under the Freedom of Information Act in writing or by e-mail by using the FOI Application Form. Click here to access the form or alternatively e-mail the FOI Officer with your request, contact details below.  In the application, you must state that the request for information is sought under the Freedom of Information Act, 2014. If you want the information in a particular format (i.e. photocopy/hardcopy/softcopy etc) this should be stated. Requests for information should be as specific as possible to aid with identification of the records being sought.

If you would like assistance with your FOI request, please email or contact the FOI Officer by telephone, Tel. (01) 6781600

Applications for information under the FOI Act should be submitted to:

Freedom of Information Officer
MS Ireland
80 Northumberland Road
Dublin 4

Tel:       (01) 6781600
Fax:      (01) 6781601