Maurice O Connor


Maurice has twice experienced MS in his immediate and extended family.  His brother Kieran (RIP, 2008) was diagnosed with MS in the early 1990's and as a child his family often visited a cousin of his father's who also had MS.

Since taking voluntary severance from a senior management position in ESB in 2012, Maurice has worked as a volunteer with MS Ireland in its South East Regional Office in Kilkenny before joining MS Ireland's Governance Committee and being elected to the Board in 2015. Maurice is also a Board member of Ossory Youth and is a presenter and Board member of Community Radio Kilkenny City, in addition to being a member of the Secretariat of the Kilkenny County Public Participation Network (PPN). Maurice is also a volunteer with Victim Support at Court.

While in ESB, Maurice, a Civil Engineer by training, held down a wide variety of roles such as IT project management, commercial and property portfolio management, health and safety management and procurement strategy. Maurice also trained and practiced as a business coach in ESB.

Maurice is Chairperson of MS Ireland.  He also chairperson of the Governance Committee and the Strategic Planning and Fundraising Committees.