Memory & Thinking

Not everyone who has multiple sclerosis (MS) will experience problems with memory and thinking, but mild difficulties are common.

For example, many people with MS can find it harder to recall information, follow conversations or think things through. These are examples of cognitive skills – and there are many ways to cope if you are having problems in these areas.

Cognition refers to memory and thinking. More accurately, cognition describes the way we:

• focus, maintain and divide attention
• learn and remember new things
• think, reason and solve problems
• plan, carry out and monitor our own activities
• understand and use language
• recognise objects, assemble things together and judge distances.

These skills vary naturally from person to person – we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Our cognitive powers are considered to be normal if our skills allow us to cope adequately with everyday life.

Video Resources

Below are some useful video resources on cognition and brain health.