10 Year Celebration

Congratulations! For the past 10 years, you have been part of the life changing MS and Me blog, a place where people with MS shared their lives so eloquently, powerfully and without apology. 

We have lived/are living through a Pandemic, changes in our health, our families, newborns and deaths of loved ones; personally, I've had enough heart-aches in the past decade to last a life time. So much has changed- more treatments than ever before, young people with MS taking their place to speak about what's important for them, people of colour, Black MSers, people from marginalised communities are being included as equals (this needs daily effort by everyone of us) and patient participation is higher than ever. 

But so much stays the same. A dear friend of mine was diagnosed this summer; they have faced similar treatment and issues, problems at work with employers unwilling to engage on what is best for everyone, difficulties navigating healthcare in Ireland and they are struggling. I know that for me it took time to deal with the psychological impact of being diagnosed young but I also know things could have been easier. 

We have so much more to do in our community and in our society to support people living with MS. However, I know that everyday we are speaking about the importance of care, of services, of social policy that would meet the needs of people with MS, the better things get. 

This community makes living with MS a bearable thing and often, so many people in this community by their efforts, kick-ass attitudes and tenacity. Today I celebrate being part of it, marking the achievements and with the commitment to keep going and keep growing.

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