Access and MS

When I was asked to write this piece on access my head immediately spun. There are so many topics to choose from such as access to parking, buildings, medications, services …the list is endless!

ln the end I chose how we were accessing the services we need in the new world we are going to be living in. This virus came from nowhere and ripped through our communities.   Our lives have been turned upside down and we’ve had to find new ways of living. The question we need to ask is will some of these changes stay with us even after the pandemic has passed?


We would have used the internet a little on our devices for looking   a name or a place but nothing like we are now. As hope is in the air and the opportunities for moving about gets closer, will we return to our former way of life? How will we access the services we need? Will we stay with what we now know or will we crave access to a more ‘normal’ existence? Most of us have not left our phone out of our hands in over a year never mind leave our home! Will our conversations still be on the phone with our GPs? Will we still access our specialist by Zoom? Keep looking at our loved ones through a lens?

ln the heart of the pandemic we largely had no choice in how inaccessible life would be to us especially when we were self isolating. But now, looking into the future, will we want this to be our new way of life? Will we want the new normal?

When you have a medical condition such as MS there are times when you want and need to see your GP, consultant, psychologist, psychotherapist or another person from your care team.  When the country starts to reopen, will our need for face to face and the human touch return? Will we still be rushed in and out of surgeries to minimize contact time?

Mental Health has been a major concern during this entire pandemic yet accessing help or attending your team is mostly on Zoom calls.
When we look at how things are being done presently and how long it will be before people and services are back in their offices, the future looks a lot like it is now. It’s hard to believe we will be given choice again.

People need people. We need access to other people. Some programs such as physio and meditation and parts of work life can be done remotely. But the physical touch and presence is needed, people need access to choice and possibly will need encouragement to venture out and about again...
The services which have been put on hold for the last 12 months will resume hopefully without too many repercussions.  The manual keeps changing but we still need to follow the public health advice.

The only certainty now is that this will pass. But what kind of life will be waiting on the other side?

How will Covid-19 change our everyday world? How long before we recover?

And what will that recovery look like? Will we ever get back to where we once were, or at least to the paths we thought we were on?

Despite the ever-moving metaphorical goal posts, there are things to look forward to in the coming weeks,  Covid 19 dependant!

Brighter evenings and better weather (thank god!).

Outdoor activities and sports we can watch or partake in

Hairdressers and beauty reopening- no more home colouring!

Barbers (if I scalp my husband one more time….)

Outdoor dining (sitting and people-watching with a coffee is my guilty pleasure)

Construction – oh to see cranes in the skyline again!

Hopefully shopping to spend money on something OTHER than food.

The wait is nearly over, there is light in the tunnel. The human touch will return.