Calling All Writers

Have you got something to say about what your life is like living with MS in Ireland? Will you share it with the world?

This is your opportunity to get more involved with MS Ireland as well as showing us your glorious gifts of expression! In 2018 our award-winning blog is being revamped. We are seeking writers who have a passion for sharing their thoughts, getting to the point and who want to get involved with MS and Me Blog in 2018. 

Since 2012 the MS and Me Blog has been an online space for people to share their stories of living with MS. The Blog has become a vital information source for the MS community in Ireland and further afield. With updates every week, the Blog has become part of many people’s weekly reading and is a way to connect with other people with MS. The current group of bloggers have shared their tales of triumph, told the world how they’ve dealt with disappointment, how they maximise the good things in life, learned to deal with the symptoms, celebrated the benefits of being part of a community, the fall-out from diagnosis and treatment and the joys that come from lives well lived. 

We want more people to get involved and write for the MS and Me Blog and are calling for people with MS and others from the MS community in Ireland (including carers, health care professionals, partners of people with MS) to take part in the MS and Me Blog. 

Does this sound like you? Write to us, tell us who you are, where you’re from, what age you are and your connection with the MS Community. You’ll also need to send us: 

  1. One 500-word piece about MS
  2. A Letter of Motivation as to why you want to take part

Send your work to (with MS and Me Blog in the subject line) by the 9th November 2017. We will be in contact with everyone who submits their pieces on time. If you have any questions, please email us or get in contact on Facebook or Twitter.

The MS and Me Blog Editorial Team