Changes Afoot at MS & Me

The faces of the MS & Me blog are changing. Trevis Gleason gives his thoughts on the difficulties that change can bring but also the benefits of adapting to different times.

Multiple sclerosis can be overwhelming… and not in the good way.  We at the MS & Me blog are overwhelmed right now… but in the good way.

Earlier this autumn we put out a call for writers as we close out our fourth year in existence and look ahead. In those four years, your blog (we see this space not belonging to the writers alone; we are a blog community, so it belongs to us all) has been recognised domestically and abroad as being one of the most affecting and poignant health blogs on the web.

As for our current cadre of bloggers, we’ve had our share of personal successes (and challenges) as well. We have become parents and grandparents (as well as aunties or uncles multiple times), we’ve changed jobs, advanced in our careers, or got our first jobs back after having to leave previous employment because of MS. We’ve published books, produced films, been recognized for our personal blogs, and brought our personal works as well as the work of MS Ireland to a European and international audience.

For some our MS has stabilised, for others it has advanced. For the past four years we have shared our thoughts, our reactions, our hopes, fears, and dreams with you. It’s been a fair bit of work; trying to fit it all in sometimes. But it’s been important work and we think living with MS might just be a little bit easier because of the space we have created within our blog community.

And why do I now say that we’re overwhelmed? Because so many have seen the results and have applied to join this “MS & Me 2.0” as we expand.

Four years ago we felt ourselves lucky to find nine people who might be willing to jump aboard as voluntary crew on this ship of discovery. We, frankly, weren’t sure about our course and we were surely ingenuous as to a possible destination.

What we have learned is that our vessel is making waves in the form of an international conversation and we need a few more hands on deck to continue our voyage.

As we spend the next few weeks reviewing submissions (well over a score this time), know that the process is to be transparent and the pitch level. Our current bloggers who would like to stay on have been asked to submit their intent the same way that newcomers have. It’s not a comfortable process for any of us – growth seldom is – but it’s an exciting time.

As the year draws to a close and we put together our new team, we’ll bring back a few posts that you may have missed, some particularly pertinent writings and perhaps a laugh or two. We look forward to introducing you to our team in the New Year and sharing our views of living (and living with MS) through several new and newly polished lenses.

It’s a season of celebration and change. We celebrate what MS & Me has been and we celebrate the changes currently underway… but it’s still a bit overwhelming.

Wishing you and your family the best of health.



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