Christmas Jumper Day 2021

December 10th is the annual Christmas Jumper Day for MS Ireland. The past two years have been hard for all of us living with the pandemic. As the world shut down in 2020, it was such a surreal experience for everyone. Thankfully this year the world has somewhat reopened. Hopefully next year we can say Covid is a thing of the past. With everything moving online due to social distancing, so many charities have lost out on fundraising.

I like Christmas Jumper Day because:

1. I love Christmas Soo much and

2. I feel very proud to be part of the MS community

Christmas for me is the most wonderful time of the year. I love all the Christmas music and cheer that's around. For me it's a time to reflect also and celebrate with those I love.

Xmas Jumper Day

The past year has been the hardest of my life. I lost my Dad suddenly which changed my life in an instant, something I know all too well from my life with MS. MS can pop up in the blink of an eye and change your life also. I've been battling with nerve pain due to nerve damage caused by old lesions. I can't even begin to explain the pain level and how it impacts my quality of life. It is physically and mentally draining. Thankfully I'm in a good place now but the past year has been such a rollercoaster with my MS symptoms. It is difficult to explain to people because I look so healthy on the outside. I do think if you can see a symptom it's more understood. Being in pain and looking okay can be a bit more challenging to understand. I am so grateful for having a great group of friends that I’ve met through MS Ireland. We chat in Whatsapp and we support one another so no one feels alone.

The pandemic has been so hard not only on charities but also for the people behind and supported by the charity. MS is so prevalent in Ireland and affects 9,000 or more in Ireland alone. Us living with MS are not only a number, there are 9,000 faces, lives, families and communities affected.

MS Ireland provides newly diagnosed days (which are informative and helps with diagnosis) and the National Care Centre for respite. They do so much work and I love being a part of their community.

I can't wait for December 10th to wear a goofy Christmas Jumper and get into the Christmas spirit. I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and a Healthy (ish) New Year.

Christina xx