Going Out!

Once COVID-19 lockdown was over, I swore that I was going to get back into the swing of things and life on the Outside. All those months of tracksuit and facemask wearing were over! I had watched pretty much everything on Netflix. I did get a dose of the virus but thankfully, it wasn't as bad as I had feared. Lockdown had taken its toll in general though- both physically and mentally. I still can't say the words "home schooling" without shuddering.

We emerged from the pandemic with a new lust for doing stuff. May was a super busy month. The family organiser was jam-packed with events. While I was accepting every invitation, something in the back of my mind told me that I was taking on too much....

The RSVP for my cousin's wedding was sent pronto. As the big day drew closer, it occurred to me that I hadn't attended a fancy event in a very long time. The best piece of advice I can give you is to hold a dress rehearsal a few weeks in advance. Knowing that I could fit into my intended dress helped to reduce the anxiety I was feeling. There were SO many things I knew I had put somewhere but could not quite remember where. I made a list of these things. It wasn't uncommon for me to find something I had left off the list while searching for something else on the list.

This one is MS specific- do not give yourself too much to do on the day. I hadn't been doing a lot for a long time and I forgot how tired I get. My 9 am hairdressers’ appointment absolutely flew and I found myself with half an hour to get changed. This culminated in a desperate search for a safety pin.

We set off (after turning the house upside down) with no safety pin. I was navigating and only typed the venue into Google Maps as we were leaving the house. I felt a bit sick at the thought of getting lost. Why didn't I look at the route in advance?!

We made it on time and had a wonderful day. My husband drove home, and it was super nice to know that we could leave when we wanted. I needed a bit of help at the buffet and even wore heels in the church! Another thing I had forgotten is to locate the bathroom before there is an emergency.

The wedding was amazing. The bride and groom are so in love! I was really happy that I can do stuff outside the house again. I never found that safety pin though!