Happy 2016 from the MS & Me Blog Team

*The dawn of 2016 brings a break between literal and figurative storms. We look forward to a new year, a better year and another year of the MS & Me Blog *

As 2015 wound itself up the MS & Me Blog team was able – for the first time in its entirety – to gather in Dublin to celebrate our successes and plot our course for the New Year. To have our whole side on the pitch at once was a real joy and you know what we talked about?  YOU!

We’ve had very happy successes in the two years that MS & Me has been on the web. Great topics – many suggested by you – and talented writers becoming friends and warriors have made the MS Ireland Blog something special. We want to make it even better…and we have a plan.

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This year we’ll be branching out and going deeper. Last year’s series on the stages of MS was met with great response. We intend to bring you more (some serial, some occasional) series in 2016.

One such series that excites (and frightens) us all is our “MS Passion Pieces”. We’ve asked all of our writers to dig deep into their emotional lockers and present you with their very personal feelings on topics important to our whole community. Declan will present a spirited start to that discussion when he takes on misuse of disabled parking spaces and permits in February.

We’ll also feature a few two-sided blogs where themes are examined through both sides of the looking glass. That begins with our next blog posting. Emma and then Willeke will look at “the good days” and “the bad days” of living with MS. We’ll even take on the debate as to whether to take MS disease modifying medications or not. The gloves are off and no multiple sclerosis topic is safe this year.

World MS Day 2016’s theme seems very fitting for the year that’s in it for Ireland. “Independence” will be the subject of the year and we intend to explore it from various angles in this year of the centenary.

We’ll talk elections and research, the care we deserve and ways to have our voices heard. Helen will even bring “the partners of MS” into the discussion next month. And that’s just the start… 

We are very excited for this next chapter and hope you will be as well. Please feel free to share our posts, to comment (anonymously if you like) and to let us know what topics are important to you.

MS Ireland have some important events we’ll let you know about in the coming months and we’ll reach beyond our borders to see what MS looks like around the globe.

In short, 2016 is our year!  We hope you will join us as we do deep, we go wide and we redouble our efforts to make this the best MS blog – not only in Ireland, but anywhere on the web.

Happy New Year from the MS & Me Blog team. It’s going to be a great one.

Wishing you and your family the best of health.



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