Happy New Year from MS & Me

It’s hard for us to believe, but the MS & Me blog has entered it’s seventh year in existence.  As we look forward to the New Year and some interesting takes on topics, we also acknowledge to a few of our cadre of talented writers who are off to attend to other aspects of their life.

A Fond Farewell

With us from the beginning, Declan Groeger is stepping away in order to pursue some other (important and time-consuming) opportunities in the broader disability sphere.  We hope that Declan will continue is informative “Accessibility Matters” blog as it’s an important resource for people with disabilities who still enjoy traveling.

Fear not, however, because he’s no longer to be a regular contributor and member of our Editorial Team, Declan has agreed to a couple of guest pieces for us in 2020.

Also leaving us on a regular basis for positive reasons is Theresa McShane.  Theresa is back in the employment game and we wish her all the best in this exciting aspect of her life.  Her considered voice will be missed by the blog team as well as by our readers.

Keith Byrne is also moving on to greener (educational) pastures as well as planning on welcoming a second baby into his family in 2020.  We wish Keith and his growing family all the best is what's sure to be a joyous and eventful year.

Finally, our anonymous (“AnonyMS:”) blogger has also asked to for leave to attend to other parts of his/her life.  The AnonyMS moniker, however, will live on as we have at least one sensitive topic to cover this year whose author wishes to remain nameless.

With a tip of the cap from the entire MS Ireland community, we wish these three members of our blog team all the very best.

A Look Ahead

As mentioned, Declan will be back with a couple of guest blogs for us in 2020.  We’re also working on a number of other guest bloggers who will share the reasons they might be raising funds, awareness, and putting their bodies on the line for the cause.  Not all of these guests will have MS themselves, but we look forward to hearing of their connection.  We suspect great inspiration (and perhaps a few tears) in these stories.

We’ll also hear from bloggers on MS topics which might have surprised them.  From services they mightn’t have thought about using to public toilets and lessons learned over their years since diagnosis.

We’ll also dedicate an entire month’s worth of posts to topics of transportation.  From purchasing adapted vehicles (or having one adapted to needs) to planning ahead and public transportation.  It’s a subject we very much look forward to taking on, at full speed!

Read, Comment, Share

That and so much more is in the works for this year.

In order to reach our widest possible audience, we may take advantage of the vacancies mentioned above and put out a call for new voices from the MS Community.  More on that in coming months…

In the meantime, we invite you to continue to read and enjoy the work of the MS & Me blog team.  Comment on posts which touch you, and please feel free to share our work in with friends, family, and colleagues via social media or by linking them directly in an e-mail.

So here’s to a healthful and happy 2020 to you and yours from all of us at MS & Me.

Wishing you and your family the best of health.


MS & Me