Living In This World

This week, Emma Rogan reflects on the best of what makes this time of the year enjoyable. Warning, it includes many cups of tea!

Living in this world, especially at this time of the year, takes resilience- physical, mental and spiritual. December usually includes rushing around gathering gifts, meeting friends, being enveloped in the crowds, going to events and rushing headlong towards the big day. Nights out take a toll when the next day my energy reserves, depleted by the night before, are again tapped for that little bit extra to go shopping/for tea/visits with someone else. Expectations build alongside the pressure and stress. What about this, that and the other? Who did I miss from my Christmas card list and if I post the cards today, will they get it by the weekend? And what about the sprouts- who eats THEM anyway? What is all this for? Is it for friends, family, partner, daughter, son or spouse? And how do I decide what comes next?

In the past, I’ve really struggled with decision-making and if I could please others, I’ll do it above everything else, even to my own detriment. Learning this about myself has been a fraught experience as I adjust my ways of thinking and slip into something more ‘me’. And like Joan Jordan’s earlier piece this month, it has taken me many years to learn how best to manage life in all it’s richness without compromising what some would say is my already compromised health. This season I’m looking for the wealth, for the glory, for that essence that puts the ‘oomph’ into living, taking one day at a time.

As I stood with my family listening to readings and carols in front of the Mansion House last Saturday, I was in a state of bliss. My goal for this December was to do things differently, to make the time to start new traditions and ease towards Christmas day - I’ve gone for it ALL. There, alongside a donkey, a goat and a couple of sheep my day was wonder-filled and every other day too. Whether it was to make a big list for Christmas cards, drink endless cups of tea while wrapping gifts, take the time for people I enjoy being with (including myself) or saying no, the goals I set have been achieved. Room for more!

Every day, even if things get a little crazy or things seem overwhelming, I do what I can to look for the golden moments. I’m following through, doing what I’m inspired to do and going for it all. May you go for it all this Christmas and may we all see our way to 2017 with a fistful of goals and in joyful anticipation of what might be.

“This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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