A Look to 2017 With MS & Me

Happy New Year from the MS & Me Blog Team. Here’s what 2017 looks like from here... 

The media seems to love looking back at the end of each year. Reflecting on the news, the sport, the tragedies, and the triumphs. Your MS & Me Blog team take a different approach. When we get together for our year-end meeting, it is to look to the future.

We have an exciting blend of topics for you in the coming months.

Sure, we did look back a little bit.  It had been a banner year for the bloggers on a personal level and we celebrated.  We also looked back to see which of our blog topics resonated most with you - our community.  We found that the more personal, the more ‘real’, and the more willing we were to push the bounds, the more you liked our blogs.

So, 2017 is going to see more of that.

An ongoing series of posts from our bloggers about our “MS Hopes” and “MS Fears” will feature prominently this year. We have the same worries and aspirations as many of you and MS affects them just like it weighs on your hopes and fears. We’ll explore that.

Another aspect of MS which we find very personal and very underexplored is the financial ramifications of this disease.  MS Ireland put figures and numbers to the societal costs of multiple sclerosis.  This year we’ll take a look at the personal matters of the pocketbook and how MS squeezes already tight budgets.

We’re also going to have a go at using our personal experiences with specific MS symptoms. By sharing our encounters with some of the everyday (and some of the rare) symptoms of MS, we hope to offer you ways to explain them to your doctors, family and those who need to know what you are going through.

We’ve also reached out to a few more guest bloggers this year. 

Your MS & Me Blog team is excited to welcome the views, opinions, and experiences of an interesting set of people who also live with MS but may not have the disease.  Healthcare providers, care partners, employers and others who are in close contact with us have some interesting things to tell us about living our best lives and helping those around us understand and let them help us.

All in all, 2016 – all of its challenges, twists and turns not withstanding – was a good year for the MS & Me Blog community. We hope that you will find our offerings of 2017 insightful, informative and, most of all, of use to you in living your best possible life in the New Year and beyond.

A very Happy New Year to all who read our posts and we welcome your comments at every turn.

Wishing you and your family the best of health.



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