Make Way Day

This week Declan Groeger looks at the 'Make Way Day' campaign and urges everyone to consider the needs of people with disabilities in shared public spaces.

Make Way Day is a campaign organised by the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) to promote awareness about the daily difficulties faced by people living with a disability.

This year it takes place on Thursday, September 26th right across the country and I invite you take part; indeed I urge you to take part. Becoming involved is simple and the more people that become involved the more successful the campaign becomes.

Accessibility is a right not a privilege and anything that interferes with that right should be highlighted and removed. Living with a disability is difficult enough but some people insist on making it more difficult.

When you are out and about be more aware and have your camera or mobile with you and use it. If you can’t get out a friend or family member might take a picture for you!

What do I photograph?

Anything that blocks your free movement e.g. cars or trucks parked on footpaths or blocking footpath dishes – overgrowth from parks and gardens – kegs or deliveries on footpaths – rubbish bins – badly parked bicycles.

There are 3 simple steps to taking part:

  1. If you spot an obstacle on a footpath take a photograph.
  2. Upload it to any or all of your social media accounts using #makewayday
  3. Job done – social media does all the hard work

A picture speaks volumes so you don’t have to write anything

This is our chance to make a statement; our chance to say we won’t put up with  thoughtless/ careless people interfering with our ability to move around and participate in everyday life to the best of our ability.

Make Way Day:

Disability Federation of Ireland: