Meet Our New MS & Me Blog Team – Part 3

Today we conclude our introduction of our expanded 2018 MS & Me Blog team. There are a number of familiar faces and some shiny new additions! All are up for the challenge of writing and sharing their experience with the MS community. 

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Helen Farrell 

Avid historian and part-time librarian. Helen has learned volumes in her 20 years since diagnosis. “Trying” is her operative word whether it be learning a new skill (currently the tin whistle) or keeping active with gentle yoga and short walks. This long-time blogger also knows the importance of rest.

Image removed.Mary Devereux 

Hailing from Ireland’s southwest, Mary was initially diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. Her diagnosis was changed to Primary Progressive MS in December 2016. Mary will join us as an occasional guest blogger this year; offering up her experience with this more aggressive form of MS.  

Image removed.Niamh McCarron 

Diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, Niamh lives in Dublin but is originally from the glorious County Donegal. She’s been writing with the MS & Me blog from its beginning in 2013. A dearth of online resources for younger people with MS spurred her on to becoming a contributor and we’re delighted to welcome her back this year.

Image removed.Katie St Lawrence 

Katie St Lawrence is 24 year old and has been living with MS since her first relapse three years ago. She pursued her honours degree through her diagnosis (BS in Baking and Pastry Management from Dublin Institute of Technology). She lives and works in Rush, County Dublin.

Image removed.Willeke Van Eeckhoutte

Originally from Belgium, Willeke moved to Clonsilla, Dublin in 2002 and was diagnosed three years later. She loves Irish rugby, books and history. Willeke finds solace and energy in her writing and disability advocacy. Her own blog, Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis & Me has garnered her considerable recognition in the MS community.

That rounds out our list of bloggers for 2018.  I hope you join us in wishing them the very best and we all look forward to their contributions to MS & Me. 

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