MS & Me in 2019

This New Year, the MS and Me team will bring you more of the things you love as well as a few things you didn’t know you wanted.

As we close the third week of 2019, it’s probably time to sweep “Happy New Year” away for another 11½ months. That said, we’d like to take this opportunity to let you know what you might expect from your MS blog this year.

First, we wave a grateful goodbye to one of our original blog team, Helen. We wish her all the best as she continues on a career path she was able to take-up again in 2018. Her thoughtful posts, such as the very popular MS & the 2019 Budget, will be missed as much as her positive yet realistic outlook on living with multiple sclerosis. Good luck, Helen!

The rest of the MS & Me blog team will look the same for the coming year with some additional guests. The blog itself (as well as the MS Ireland webpage), however, may look different by the end of the year. We are undertaking a long-awaited rework of the website and will take advantage of the opportunity to make the MS & Me blog easier to find, navigate, read and reply. We can’t say exactly when it will happen but, suffice it to say from the prototypes we’ve seen, when it does change, you’ll know!

This year we’ve decided to expand on a popular feature we ran a couple of years back. Most months, beginning in February, we will have two bloggers – one man and one woman – co-write a piece on a topic which may have different takes depending on the person with MS’s sex. We’re calling the series “He said – She said”.

Topics are set to include such hot buttons as dating, romance, having children after diagnosis, finances and more. We hope you enjoy and engage with our bloggers on these interesting topics viewed from different perspectives.

We’re also going to delve into some of the “tough stuff” this year. We all grieve losses in this life. With MS we seem to have to go through some form of the grieving process every time we lose something else to the disease. We’ll have a series of blogs on the stages of grief for you this year as well.

We’ll highlight some of the major MS events happening in Ireland and around the world as well as sharing our tips and thoughts of living your best life with this damnable disease along for the ride.

The editorial team of MS & Me hope that you’ll enjoy the topics we’ve set out for the year. The cadre of bloggers you’ve come to read hope that you’ll continue to comment, share, and discuss the subjects with your family and friends. Knowledge is, after all, power. And the more of our allies who have the knowledge, the more power we as an MS community will have.

Wishing you and your family the best of health.