MS & Me Christmas 2015

“Christmas time, Mistletoe and wine...” the festive season is finally upon us and with that comes the certainty that the New Year is only around the corner. It is that time of year when we look backward and forward at the same time like Janus the Roman God of Beginnings. We look back on the year past with a wide range of emotions- happiness, joy, anger and regret, to mention but a few-  and look forward to the new year with a completely different set, mainly expectation tinged with apprehension.

2015 was the year we celebrated the second anniversary of the MS & Me Blog and what a year it’s been! We published 50 articles during the year covering a wide variety of topics. This was due to a great team working together, each writing about topics they know, understand and are passionate about. Many blogs fail within a very short time and the main reasons are a lack of passion and commitment by the writers. There is no shortage of either passion or commitment by the writing team. The MS & Me blog was created to raise awareness of MS and to open discussion on aspects of MS that may be difficult to talk about. It is written by people with MS about MS and for people with MS. It has been successful; in our first year we were shortlisted for the Blog Awards and in our second year we achieved Silver; what a buzz! 

We need to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to our loyal readers because without you MS & Me would have fallen by the wayside and faded into oblivion. Together we are Stronger

On behalf of the team I would like to wish every one of our readers a Happy Christmas. May your lives be filled with happiness and joy this Christmas Season and may your spirit and determination remain undiminished in the new year.

Work has already started on 2016 and we hope that the articles will be more interesting, engaging and varied. We are a team and we are all proud to be associated with the blog. 

Together we are Stronger

Are there subjects that we haven’t covered that you would like see? Please feel free to leave a comment or email with your suggestions.