MS & Me Offers ‘From the Archives’ for the Summer

Your team of MS & Me bloggers may seem like we’ve got it all figured out and that we can do it all… we can’t.  Just like you, we need to find balance in our lives. 

Many come to read the MS & Me blog looking for answers. They look to our group of award winning bloggers and think, ‘they’ve got it figured out'... 'I wish I did.’  I even had someone post a comment in a recent blog about MS phantom itching that said, ‘If Trevis says it’s real, it’s real’.

While we’re all humbled that you think we’re the experts on many things MS, but we’re not. One thing your cadre of bloggers can agree on, is that the only thing MS we are striving to be experts about, is living our best lives with this disease.

We have the same challenges, we have the same MS fears, we have the same hopes… and we have the same everyday family stuff to deal with as everyone else; MS or not.

To that, just like many of you, we are all struggling with the summer heat, kids out of school looking for something to do, visiting family and friends, trying to plan a bit of a holiday, etc. And, like you, we don’t want our lives to be all about MS all of the time.

So, in order to keep our lives in balance the way we hope you are finding helpful, we will be taking a few weeks off from posting new blogs this summer.

In their place, we’re going back into our blog archives (we have nearly four years of them now!) to bring you some of our favourites, some of your favourites and some that you may have missed but have a wealth of good information.

We’ll be back – fresh and ready to go – with new ideas and new blogs at summer’s end.  We hope you enjoy our ‘From the Archives’ series as much as we’ll enjoy the break.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer.



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