Our MS Pets

This week we thought we’d take a different look at Life with MS. The MS and Me bloggers are in touch with each other a lot. We share updates on how our MS is faring and ask questions about treatments and symptoms. It is fair to say however, that a significant percentage of our WhatsApp messages involve pictures and stories about the furrier members of our families.

Anyone who has a pet will understand the joy they bring, but a quick poll of our bloggers suggests that having a dog or cat is beneficial to our well-being and how we live well with MS. Our pets are our companions, confidantes and always agree with us! This week Ciara, Rosie and Niamh share their pet stories.

Ciara and Bosco

Ciara and Bosco

Bosco - the king of the castle without a doubt! Bosco arrived in our home at 8 weeks old after a lot of compromising. I wanted a dog, Dave didn't, so we compromised and got a dog! A rescue pup from Madra, he bounced in the front door full of mischief and roguery and instantly made our house a home. Bosco is the best company to have on those days when you really don't want to talk to anyone.

He's constantly at my side - hanging on to hear those precious words of 'walk', 'ball' or 'bed'! He gets me out in the fresh air and we both feel the better for it. He's always happy to see me - no matter the day, time or form. MS isn't even on Bosco's radar when it comes to me - to him I'm just his best friend!

Rosie and Trixie

Rosie and Trixie

Trixie is the one who rescued me and not the other way around. I can’t begin to list how much she does for me or how much she means to me. She’s there on the good days, encouraging me to walk that bit further but, more importantly, she’s there on the bad days, offering extra cuddles and reminding me that whatever this disease throws at me I will never have to face it alone because she’ll always be right by my side filling my day with love, cuddles, humour and so much hope. 

Niamh and Elsie

Niamh and Elsa

We have Elsa less than a year and couldn’t imagine life without her now. She is my shadow around the house, always right behind me as I walk into the kitchen. She knows that there is a good chance of me dropping something tasty!

Elsa gets me out walking daily and over lockdown she has been the reason for leaving the house most days. She completed The May 50k with me earlier this year.  She seems to know when I am not feeling the best and is as happy snoozing on the couch as running around the park. I am sure having a pet is a MS therapy in itself!