The Unspeakable Bits – A New Webcast Series from MS Ireland

Happy New Year to all the MS & Me readers and your families!

As we move into 2023 in earnest, we’re excited to announce a spin-off from the MS & Me blog, an MS & Me webinar series entitled “The Unspeakable Bits”. The first one is set to air, live, from 20:00 on Thursday, 26th January (Join host Trevis L Gleason and a panel of MS professionals to talk about a Healthy Body: Healthy Brain on Thursday, 26th at 8:00pm* Register here).

After that, we’ll continue to host programs at the same time on the final Thursday of every month (except December). 

We began the discussions in November with our first pre-recorded talk on the topic of Sex and MS with the brilliant Professor Michelle Toshima and Dr Claire Yang. From here on, we expect our programs to be 1-hour, interactive discussions. 

This month’s topic is one you might find particularly relevant if you, like me, are trying to make the New Year a healthier one all around.  

Our panel of experts will discuss the latest research into obesity, exercise, diet, and general health as they relate to people with multiple sclerosis.  We are still finalizing our list of guests, but for starters we are to be very fortunate to be joined Dr Jens Bansi, PhD, sports medicine researcher from Valens Clinic in Switzerland; Dr Laura Piccio, MD, PhD, researcher from Washington University and University of Sydney; and Dee Laffan, a freelance editor and food journalist on the night. 

Register now 

What do YOU want to know? 

In advance of the webinar, we want to know YOUR questions for our panel.  Have you any particular difficulties with weight, diet, exercise you’d like to address?  We’ll be talking about the ‘gut-brain’ connection.  Have you any questions about that cutting-edge area of MS research? 

Or, perhaps, you’d just like to relate how difficult (or easy) you find incorporating healthy eating into your life with MS… the forum is ours, so ask away! 

As we’re still working on a few of the technical aspects of the platform, please either email your questions to, or post them on MS Ireland’s Social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we’ll gather them up. If you can’t make on the night, people who register will get a link to watch it once it is ready. 

Throughout the year, we’ll be gathering to talk about the things that many of us find difficult.  Difficult to the point where we just cannot talk about them at all.  Thus, our title: The Unspeakable Bits. We’ll put out a call for questions on those pages a week or so before each of our programs. 

If you have a topic idea for the series, please feel free to email us your ideas. 

We hope to see you on the 26th, and in the months ahead.  Until then, I am, as always, 

Wishing you and your family the best of health. 



Trevis’ Award-Winning books, Chef Interrupted, Dingle Dinners , Burren Dinners are in the shops now. Follow him via the Life With MS Facebook page.  

Join us at Healthy Body: Healthy Brain on Thursday, 26th at 8:00pm and Register now