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Emma Rogan
23 Dec 2013

How about the Best Christmas? Ever!

Here we are again folks. The dark evenings are lit up with the brilliant shiny lights hung across our streets, houses, trees and anything else that needs a bit of a lift. With all that’s going on, how’s your inner light? Maybe this year has been tough and you’re worried about what the Christmas time will bring? Life with MS is different for all of us, whether we have the condition, our loved one is living with it, or it is our friend who has it. Whatever way you’ve come to know about MS, one piece of information we all share- living with it can bring unwelcome surprises to our lives at any time of the year but especially times like this.  

Aoife Kirwan
18 Dec 2013

Meet Aoife

'In Aoife's introductory blog for MS Ireland, she shares her MS story and how her life has changed in little ways'

Joan Jordan
11 Dec 2013

Meet Joan

'In her introductory blog for MS Ireland, Joan diagnosed with MS four years ago, has a can-do attitude and a weakness for coffee and chocolate!'

Niamh McCarron
10 Dec 2013

Meet Niamh

'In her introductory blog for MS Ireland, Niamh from Donegal talks about her day to day life with MS'

Helen Farrell
05 Dec 2013

Meet Helen

‘Helen has MS for over 15 years, a librarian, living in Dublin and is passionate about lifelong learning’ 

Emma Rogan
21 Nov 2013

Life with MS

“Last year Emma won the World of Difference competition run by the Vodafone Ireland Foundation. Her chosen charity was MS Ireland and she spent 2013 working on advocacy, informing the public and learning all about Irish health and social policy.”