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Rosie McCormack
22 Feb 2018

MS Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? This week for her first blog, Rosie McCormack writes about hers and how she dealt with all the holes in her bucket list post-diagnosis. 

Emma Rogan
15 Feb 2018

MS and Lent

This week, Emma Rogan is reminiscing about mornings in a cold drafty boarding school in the Midlands. Read on for her take on the next forty days and forty nights.

Declan Groeger
08 Feb 2018

Home Care Services

This week Declan Groeger considers what it means to have help in the home. It’s never as simple as it sounds and when it comes to services for people with MS in Ireland, things are really very complex. 

MS & Me Editorial Team
01 Feb 2018

Meet Our New MS & Me Blog Team – Part 3

Today we conclude our introduction of our expanded 2018 MS & Me Blog team. There are a number of familiar faces and some shiny new additions! All are up for the challenge of writing and sharing their experience with the MS community. 

Helen Farrell
14 Dec 2017

Fatigue and MS

This week from the MS & Me archive Helen Farrell takes a look at the affects of MS-fatigue on friendships, employment and daily life.