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Niamh McCarron
Niamh McCarron
26 Mar 2020

MS Hopes

This week Niamh McCarron shares her understanding of life with MS, hope and Covid-19

Emma Rogan
Emma Rogan
22 Mar 2020

Mother's Day

Emma Rogan writes about what Mother’s Day will be like this year and how Covid-19 is impacting her. 

Ciara O Meara
Ciara O'Meara
12 Mar 2020

Brain Awareness Week 2020

'I have a saying that where there is uncertainly, doubt and fear there is always hope, dreams and a silver lining. The brain is as clueless to what the future holds just as much as we are but we can help it and nourish it and keep it healthy'. Ciara O'Meara

Katie St Lawerence
Katie St Lawrence
05 Mar 2020

My Anxiety, MS and Me

'But the one thing that never fails to help with my anxiety is ‘my dog’ Pete. He has been there when I was first diagnosed with anxiety, then MS and then depression. He seems to know when I need him'. Katie St Lawrence

Grace Kavanagh 2020
Grace Kavanagh
27 Feb 2020

What Gets Me About MS

'I don’t want this blog to end up in a massive rant where I bring you down with my woes, so bear with me as I try to make this as painless as possible. So what gets me about MS… To be honest it is a long unending list so let’s just stick to the highlights!' Grace Kavanagh

Willeke Van Eeckhoutte
20 Feb 2020

When Candidates Come To My Gate

Just like the Irish healthcare system, multiple sclerosis is multi-layered. The most usual cases are public or private healthcare and every so often, the topic universal health care shows up. In MS, there are different types with relapsing/remitting MS the most common at the time of diagnosis, while sometimes a renaming of the types occurs. And, while governments continuously argue about money, people with MS deal with what literally goes on between their ears 24/7.

Rosie Farrell
Rosie McCormack
14 Feb 2020

Fashion and MS

"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life." — Bill Cunningham

I stood in line at the dressing room grimacing. The pain shot through my arms as they threatened to give way. It was my first attempt at solo shopping in years and I was struggling with a handful of items.

Christina McDonald
11 Feb 2020

International day of women in Science & girls in Science

Science is the study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Why is science so important in modern life?

Everything that surrounds us is linked to some form of scientific formula or equation. The technology we use has been developed through science, our modes of transport, medicines, the climate we live in, and even the food we eat all relate back to a method of science.