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MS and Me Blog Editorial Team
12 Oct 2017

Calling All Writers

Have you got something to say about what your life is like living with MS in Ireland? Will you share it with the world?

Joan Jordan
21 Sep 2017

My MS Symptom - Footdrop

This week Joan Jordan talks about foot-drop and the implications it has for her daily life. Talk about issues with your doctor, seek referrals or book an appointment if this is something that is affecting you. 

Declan Groeger
07 Sep 2017

My MS Symptom – Balance

This week Declan Groeger channels his inner Ronan Keating! From roller coasters, to walls and walking, here’s his take on dealing with balance issues and never, ever, giving in.  

Emma Rogan
31 Aug 2017

Fatigue and MS

What is this MS ‘Fatigue’ people talk about and why does it get the blame for so much? This week from the MS & Me archives Emma Rogan takes a closer look at its affects, what remedies are available and how she manages her daily visitor