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Willeke Van Eeckhoutte
09 Jul 2020

Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain and MS

'Nerve pain in the face is the most misunderstood symptom' Willeke

This week Willeke Van Eeckhoutte shares how Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) affects her day to day life.

Grace Kavanagh
Grace Kavanagh
25 Jun 2020

Partial Capacity Benefit (PCB)

'Researching benefits is no one's idea of fun. It is really difficult to admit you need help and support. The amount of information and forms you need to fill in for any benefit can be a huge barrier - especially when you’re not even sure you qualify' Grace Kavanagh

Sadhbh & Sam
Sadhbh O'Neill
10 Jun 2020

There is Only Love

MS is different for each person who lives with it. The manner in which MS impacts a person and the severity of that impact is unique to each individual. Here, Sadhbh O Neill tells us about the journey that she has taken with her partner Sam, who lives with MS.


Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson
09 Jun 2020

My life with MS, Paul Dawson

My name is Paul Dawson and I am 52 years of age living in Portnoo, Co. Donegal. I have had MS since 1993, however in the last 10years there has been a marked progression in my condition to the point I am now permanently confined to a wheelchair. Initially, I was quite hesitant to contact the MS society as I am a private individual at heart. Since taking the first steps I have discovered just how much support and help the Donegal MS society can provide to people like myself.