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Helen Farrell
14 Dec 2017

Fatigue and MS

This week from the MS & Me archive Helen Farrell takes a look at the affects of MS-fatigue on friendships, employment and daily life.

Willeke Van Eeckhoutte
30 Nov 2017

My Bucket List

This week from the MS & Me archive Willeke Van Eeckhoutte lets us in on her bucket list, how she uses it and the importance of having goals in her life. 

Declan Groeger
23 Nov 2017

Accessible Parking Spaces

This week from the MS & Me archive, Declan Groeger shares his frustrations about accessible parking spaces used by people NOT living with a disability

Trevis Gleason
17 Nov 2017

Changes Afoot at MS & Me

The faces of the MS & Me blog are changing. Trevis Gleason gives his thoughts on the difficulties that change can bring but also the benefits of adapting to different times.