National MS Care Centre, We Need To Be Open

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National MS Care Centre We Need To Be Open

Help us raise €600,000 to keep our Care Centre open for longer.

National MS Care Centre, We Need To Be Open

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland provides vital services and support to people living with the MS. One such service is the wonderful National MS Care Centre on Bushy Park Road. It is Ireland’s only dedicated respite centre for people with MS. Not so long ago we were able to operate the centre for 50 weeks of the year. However, like everyone else in Ireland, the recession hit us hard and we had to cut back to 40 weeks. As a lack of funding continues, we now face the prospect of further reducing our operating weeks. This isn’t good enough.

Like many places, Covid-19 forced the centre to temporarily close its doors - but this Christmas we have something to be extra thankful for - the centre has now reopened, and with your help, we can keep it open.

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It offers short-term respite care to people with MS and other neurological conditions, therapeutic services, neurological assessments and many social activities in a homely environment. Our ‘home away from home’ is a place of rest and relaxation for people from all over Ireland. At present, the MS Care Centre is only open for 40 weeks per year as a result of decreases in both Statutory and fundraised income over the last number of years. We need to be open.

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“MS is such an invisible condition. Strangers in town or even my own family don’t realise how ill I am. So it’s a relief to come here.”

“I know from the moment I go inside that door, I am cared for instantly, my worries go away from the moment I go in that door, they take my bags, make sure I am ok, provide me with food and tea, it’s a safe place to go, you feel happy knowing that everyone there is looking after you”

We need to be open to offer world-class care like physiotherapy, symptom management, and emotional support. We need to be open to give people a chance to get out of their homes, take a break from the routine, and to mix and mingle over endless cups of tea in our peaceful gardens. We need to be open as a place for people to come and feel valued, recognised, and empowered to live the life of their choosing. You can help us. When the National MS Care Centre is closed an incredible resource is wasted.

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