24th Annual General Meeting (63rd AGM since MS Ireland’s foundation)

To be environmentally conscientious and to reduce unnecessary costs, MS Ireland is now able to send AGM notices to our members by email since the passing of our Constitution in 2016. However, we need our members consent to the furnishing of the accompanying AGM financial documentation via our website instead of by post. To allow us to do this please complete the approval form here and return to Alice McKeon, MS Ireland, National Office, 80 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4.

We would like to thank those members who have already consented to being provided with the AGM financial documentation via our website.

The Annual General Meeting of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland, at which Board members are re-elected, is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 16th September 2023 in the Radisson Hotel, Athlone at 4.00 p.m.

The AGM legal notice will be sent to each member by email (where we have an email address for members) or by post along with the next issue of MS News. Where we do not have a postal or email address, service of notice of the AGM will be done by posting the notice on the MS Ireland website.

The results of the vote for motions, if any, plus the Council’s nomination to the board will be announced at the AGM.

Any member or branch may forward a motion to the Governance Committee who will decide on their acceptability for putting before the AGM. Closing date for receipt of motions is 11th August 2023.

The procedures for motions are listed hereunder. Every registered member is entitled to a vote. For those unable to attend the AGM, proxy papers will be available on our website three weeks prior to the AGM and must be returned to National Office, MS Ireland, 80 Northumberland Rd, Dublin 4 before 4.00 p.m. on Thursday, 14th September 2023.

Rory Mulcahy

Company Secretary