Budget 2022

MS Ireland welcome many of the measures outlined in Budget 2022 but they are simply not enough.

Earlier this year, the Government published the Disability Capacity Review  which outlined that an additional investment of 350 million would be required in 2022 in order to address significant levels of unmet need.

There is a considerable gap between the funding that has been allocated and the funding that is required.

The additional supports to help ensure young people living with MS and other conditions are not inappropriately placed in nursing homes are welcome but again, they fail to meet the identified funding required as per the Disability Capacity Review. 

While MS Ireland appreciate the measures announced in Budget 2022 regarding the reform of the Carers Allowance means test, it does not extend far enough. A €5 increase in weekly payment is not enough and is certainly not reflective of the support carers provide. 

We hope that the €30 million announced in the budget for National Strategies will include a refreshed National Carers Strategy – as promised in the current Programme for Government. 

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