Call for MS Ireland Board Members

The Annual General Meeting of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland, at which Board members are re-elected, is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 16th September 2023 in the Radisson Hotel, Athlone at 4.00 p.m.

We are currently seeking candidates including candidates with fundraising, sales and marketing and community development experience to go on to our panel of potential Board members. Members, Branches, Council the Board and staff may propose candidates. All nominations must be proposed and seconded by members.

Applicants, wishing to apply for a position on the Board in September 2023, are invited to submit their application form by 5.00 p.m. on 31st May 2023. The closing date for Applications under Article 56 of the Constitution is Friday, 16th June 2023

Nominations of retiring Board members seeking re-election must be submitted to the Nominations Committee. Other nominations may be submitted in accordance with the provisions of Article 56 of MS Ireland’s Constitution and MS Ireland’s Bye-Laws, nominations may also be submitted directly to the Registered Office (MS Ireland’s National Office, 80 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4) and marked for the attention of the Company Secretary.

The Nominating Committee will review all nominations, except those submitted to the Company Secretary under Article 56, and will recommend to the Board candidates to go forward for election by the Members at the AGM.

The Nominating Committee will take into account the range of skills necessary for board membership and where possible, the geographical spread, the gender balance, the experience and the qualifications of the candidates.

All candidates must be in compliance with the requirements for Directors as set out in the Companies Act 2014, the Charities Act 2009 and MS Ireland’s Constitution and will be asked to sign a declaration to that effect.

All candidates, whether proposed by the Board or nominated pursuant to Article 56, and who have signed the aforementioned declaration will be put before the Members for election at the AGM.

Further details and nomination forms are available on the here.