Can you feel my Pain?

MS Ireland joins coalition of patient groups to launch initiative to fight for rights of people in chronic pain. 

Answer Ireland’s Call: Annalisa Flanagan, Co. Down, holder of the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s loudest shout, joined forces today with former Ireland Rugby International Malcolm O’Kelly to launch a new health awareness campaign entitled Can You Feel My Pain?

MS Ireland has joined forces with Pfizer Healthcare Ireland, Chronic Pain Ireland and leading Patient Advocacy Groups and Citizen Organisations across Europe to raise awareness and generate support for the 13% of people living with chronic pain in Ireland today.

The Can You Feel My Pain? campaign will harness the huge opportunity presented by the Internet and social networks to reach a wide audience, raising awareness and generating support for real change in the field of chronic pain.

The campaign is hosted on the Chronic Pain Ireland website and we’re asking all our members to play a vital role by signing the petition online

The ‘Bill of Rights’ – a chance to register your support

The Bill of Right consists of five key rights that we believe will help improve quality of life for those affected by chronic pain. These rights draw upon examples from other organisations (European Charter of Patients’ Rights2 and Chronic Pain Ireland’s Charter of Rights3) and call for improvements in the understanding and management of chronic pain.

Getting involved – the vital role you can play

Many of you will have experienced first-hand the dramatic impact chronic pain can have on all aspects of life. To fight for improvements in the management of chronic pain we first need to improve awareness and understanding.

By signing up to the Bill of Rights, you’ll be helping to drive change in the way chronic pain is perceived and the priority it is given. It’s time to make a difference and have your say!

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3 ‘Charter of Rights for people living with Chronic Pain’ Chronic Pain Ireland

The campaign is being launched nationally by Chronic Pain Ireland with support from Pfizer Healthcare Ireland