Carers Week Launch

Carers want to be treated as Partners in care.

National Carers Week
08 Jun 2015

Family Carers will have the opportunity to take part in more than 150 events in every county this week as the 9th National Carers Week (8-14 June) is launched in Dublin to-day by Nuala Carey. National Carers Week enables Family Carers to take a day for themselves, and to participate in events such as pamper days, informative gatherings, live entertainment and ‘open days’ at local attractions.

A new short video was launched today. Listen to the words of Ireland's Family Carers as they discuss their experiences and what they have learned in their role. Watch here 

What did carers have to say about being a family carer?

“… No matter how small, caring for someone rather than handing their care over to ‘professionals’ is maybe keeping society as a whole one tiny step away from being completely a ‘me first me only’ society.”

“... We are an invisible work force in Ireland. We need more help and more support. Being a carer is a wonderful privilege for somebody you love. But the isolation and loneliness are awful and feeling that you are not part of Irish society anymore and don’t count. That is soul destroying.”

“... I have learned that I have strengths that I never knew I had. I have learned how to cope in the most difficult of circumstances. I have learned that I am able to do things that I never thought I would be able to do.”

Speaking about the week, Liam O Sullivan, Executive Director of Care Alliance, noted: “This week we seek to acknowledge Family Carers’ wonderful contribution and ask the public to give a special thought to their neighbours who may be caring for a loved one”.

He goes on to say; “Carers are hopeful that an improving economy will not leave them behind. With limited progress made on the implementation of the National Carers Strategy, Carers issues must be a priority into the future. We also ask all health and social care professionals to treat Family Carers as partners in care.”

Supporting Carers Week again this year, well known TV presenter Nuala Carey said: “I know how important Family Carers are, particularly in enabling people to continue to live at home. The week is a fantastic celebration of the contribution Family Carers make to our loved ones’ lives, and it’s an opportunity for us all to do something extra special for Family Carers in our community.”

Care Alliance Ireland, which is responsible for coordinating Carers Week, says that every person in Ireland has a chance this week to acknowledge the contribution of our 187,000 Family Carers.

“This week we should focus on doing something for those that contribute so much to Irish society. Whether you just call in, make a meal, offer help and support or, if they are far away, give them a call to say ‘you are doing something really important’, there is a huge value in simply saying ‘thank you’” says Liam O’Sullivan, Executive Director of Care Alliance Ireland.

National Carers Week, now in its ninth year, is coordinated by Care Alliance Ireland in partnership with eight other leading Irish charities who support Family Carers: The Alzheimer Society, The Carers Association, Caring for Carers, the Irish Cancer Society, The Disability Federation, MS Ireland, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland and The Irish Hospice Foundation.

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