Charter for Patient Involvement in Medicines Assessment & Reimbursement

MS Ireland is a proud signatory of the new ‘Charter for Patient Involvement in Medicines Assessment & Reimbursement’ which is published today Wednesday, 20th February 2019.

The development of this Charter for Patient Involvement is an important milestone for IPPOSI. As a patient-led platform, we have led multi-stakeholder discussions and identified consensus within the medicines assessment and reimbursement space over the past decade.

This Charter, developed with a cross-section of the IPPOSI patient membership as well as the support of the Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG) and Rare Disease Ireland (RDI), provides a collective and holistic response to address the many patient concerns expressed about levels of transparency, accountability, quality and fairness in the Irish Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and post-HTA process. You can download the report here