Christmas Care Centre Appeal

Fiona O’Reilly (48) has been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the last 3 years. Some days are worse than others. Some days she can barely move at all. On others, the loss of feeling in her feet and her lack of balance put her at constant risk.

The MS Care Centre on Bushy Park Road in South Dublin is the only dedicated MS respite centre in the country. And to people, like Fiona, who live with MS every day, it is an extremely special and essential part of their lives.

For nearly 30 years now, this wonderful haven has been offering expert care and life-changing support to hundreds of people living with MS.

Sadly, due to cutbacks, this extraordinary house of care is forced to close its doors for anything up to 3 months every year. That is why, this Christmas, we are reaching out to our friends, supporters and neighbours to ask for your support.

“When I was diagnosed I wasn’t sure how bad I would get.  But I have got worse over the last three years. I used to travel a lot.  Now I can only walk a few feet.” – Fiona

Living with MS can often be a difficult and isolating experience leaving many people increasingly dependent on the support of family, friends and neighbours.  

That is why the MS Care Centre in Bushy Park is such an essential resource for any person living with MS. 

This wonderful facility offers, much needed, respite breaks to people at all stages of their disease. Up to 12 residents can visit at any one time, with seven rooms being reserved for those with high care needs.  

“It’s a fantastic experience. It’s so relaxing. It’s very easy to unwind. And the staff are fantastic. It’s such a happy place.” – Fiona 

It is absolutely essential that people living with MS, and the families who care for them, have access to regular respite care. That is why MS Ireland aims to make sure that anybody who wants to come to The MS Care Centre in Bushy Park can have at least two weeks break here each year. 

But sadly we simply cannot accommodate the sheer number of people who are waiting to come here.  

“That’s the phone call I hate the most  – telling people that there is no room for them here.” – Lorna Finn, MS Care Centre Deputy Clinical Care Manager.

Today, because of our limited resources, the MS Care Centre has to close for as much as three months every year. That means that literally hundreds of deserving and frustrated people cannot access the respite care they so desperately need.

The MS Care Centre has always relied on the generosity and kindness of our supporters and our neighbours here in South Dublin. But we have never needed that generous support as much as we do now.

Will you make a wonderful Christmas gift of just €50, or whatever you can afford, to this very special appeal? 

Every €50 you donate will help to provide an hour of respite care for someone living with Multiple Sclerosis.   

So please, if you can, make a special gift to this urgent Christmas Appeal. You can donate here or by sending a cheque/postal order made out to MS Ireland to 80 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider this appeal.